Technical SEO

Our technical SEO Service involves auditing your website on all fronts- platform, architecture, usability, accessibility and so on.

Web Traffic Growth
User Engagement
Higher Rankings

We follow up with systematic rectifications to boost the overall value of your site.

Make your website ‘search engine friendly’ on all fronts!

Investing in any organic search campaign can only bear fruitful results if the foundation of your website is strong enough. Yes, we are talking about various fundamental aspects like the following.

1.How well optimized are your site’s images?
2.Is the Internal Link Structure in order?
3.Is the Data-Structuring and Schema at par with Search Engine Guidelines?
4.Whether your content is properly indexed?
5.Are the social integration bars and graph tags functional?
6.What are the ‘crawl errors’ acting as obstacles for search engines?

These are just a few areas cited as examples. Our highly experienced technical SEO team has a full-fledged checklist for a deep-rooted analysis. The audit will not only unveil all negative factors preventing search engines from effectively crawling, indexing and ranking your site, but also help you recover from any traffic loss owing to Google Penguin and Panda Updates.

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How can Technical SEO boost your website?

Every website is unique. So there cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach to technical SEO. Boosting your traffic potential is only possible with precision-based technical SEO service. As we described above, a comprehensive technical SEO audit needs to be conducted by an expert team.

Post analysis, our technical SEO service involves creating a customized roadmap to optimize your website on all fronts. The roadmap is nothing but a list of clear, actionable points and recommendations to be implemented based on the unique requirements and current status of your website. The end motive would be to strengthen your website in crucial areas.

  • Site Architecture and Internal Linking
  • Analytics Implementation
  • Crawlability and Accessibility
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Search Engine Indexing
  • Penalization Risk and Clean Up
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Technical Errors

7 Reasons to Choose Us

Be it for merely conducting your site’s Technical SEO Audit, or fostering a long-term relationship as far as implementation of corrective measures and adherence to the roadmap is concerned, here are X reasons to pick us.

  • Clear and easy to understand list of ‘issues discovered’ compiled for your benefit
  • Special Assistance with Google Penalty Recovery and Website Migration
  • Simple, actionable points that can be easily understood and followed by your team
  • Customized recommendations arranged in order of priority so that you focus on the pressing issues first
  • Standard Audit Report accompanied by ‘Additional Observations’ Sheet for deeper insights
  • Highly prompt and responsive client-support
  • In-house developers to assist you with structural correction if required

5 Areas We Cover Under Technical SEO


Content Optimization

Not only should your website content be relevant to your target audience, but its structure, markup and indexing need to be correct. Mere keyword stuffing is not going to make your organic search campaign a success. Content Optimization reviews the backlogs in your existing content and tweaks it to maximize your search engine visibility. The process is anchored by search metrics, implementation of schema, microdata and the latest search engine guidelines.


Technical Optimization

To have higher visibility through organic search, all your on-site technicalities need to be in order. So it is not merely about building an attractive site for your target audience. Your web development team has to comply with the right coding which is search engine friendly. Any on-site features hampering crawling of search engine spiders need to be modified or removed. Examining your crawl data and crawl error resolution are the two pillars of Technical Optimization.


Website Migration

While redesigning your website, or migrating to a new domain or e-commerce format, might work well for you if done right, there are several potential risks that need to be considered beforehand. These include any possible traffic loss, authority loss, reduced user engagement, fall in keyword rankings and even incurring the wrath of search engine penalties. Our technical SEO experts can take the necessary measures to transform the losses into gains, be it the expansion of your user base, gains in SEO visibility or improved selling opportunities.


Gap Analysis

This is the ancillary aspect of our technical SEO audit, which sheds light on the areas where you are currently not focussing. Based on market research and appropriate competition survey, the potential opportunities are identified and enlisted for further action of your website marketing team.


Backlink Analysis

Backlinking is, in fact, the single-largest factor responsible for ranking your website. If you have a certain number of industry authority sites and credible blog are linking back to your website, it boosts your website’s value as perceived by search engines. Similarly, unnatural links from spammy websites can play the exact opposite role. Our technical SEO audit will reveal your strengths and weaknesses in this area, and tell you how to proceed further

Where your website stands in the backlink analysis audit can be determined by studying the various Linking Metrics, such as link types and velocity, anchor text, referring domain, the deep link ratio and so on. Also equally important in this regard, is the Competitor Linking Analysis which studies the backlink profiles of your competitors, and seeks replication opportunities.

Our 3 Commitments to You

1. Improved Search Engine Visibility

Our Technical SEO Audit Checklist is strictly aligned with the latest Google Panda and Penguin updates, and Webmaster Guidelines. We comply with strict SEO Audits.

2. Tangible growth in web traffic

A sound platform, architecture and site-programming collectively imply higher organic search traffic generation. Technical SEO gives back results beyond just growth though.

3. Enhanced User Engagement

Search Engine compliance, and user engagement goes hand in hand. Attuning your website to our list of recommendations will automatically enhance user experience.

3. Higher Keyword Rankings

Strategic use of Keywords to rank higher will be recommended under ‘Content Optimization’ Audit, to make you soar higher for your chosen keywords!

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