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Every website can benefit from search engine optimization. We offer SEO advisory service for all businesses, new and old, small and large.

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Search marketing is our forte. Our client results highlight just how good we do it.

Search Engine Optimization for Better Business and Better Rankings

Search engine positions are immensely competitive, ever-changing and multi-faceted. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing, where you could pack your website down to the last pixel with keywords and gain significant SERP movements. Today, SEO requires concrete planning and fluid execution. That’s why businesses today need help with SEO, even those who have a dedicated in-house team for website optimization.

SEO consultancy isn’t just for those who lack an in-house SEO team. Everyone can benefit from consultancy, even large conglomerates.

Large businesses have a dedicated group of employees for social media management and search engine optimization but periodically hire consultants to improve their rankings, performance and streamline their internal processes. When you hire us to give your website a boost, we do everything out in the open. We intend to improve your site’s performance on search engines and give you the knowledge to maintain the effort long after our contract is over.

Here at SMR Digital, we handle projects of different sizes and varying difficulties. Our team of web marketing experts, SEO consultants, and experienced brand managers can help plan a new website, improve existing digital properties and re-launch existing sites. The end goal is to ensure your website works as hard as you do.

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An SEO Audit Is a Good Starting Point

Every project we undertake begins with a complete SEO audit. We don’t just review your search engine performance but also your website design, readability, visitor interaction, analytics data and social media engagement to get a complete picture. Once we have a clear understanding of your aims and the current situation of your website, we begin preparing a game plan.

Any strategy we implement is based on the information collected in the SEO audit. We prioritize all issues or improvements depending on several factors and gradually work towards accomplishing each goal. Quite simply put, without an SEO audit we just cannot do our job as SEO consultants.

You are free to request an SEO audit separately and later discuss the terms of consultancy with us. Unlike many consultancies, we provide our audits independently to those who just want to get a third-party analysis done.

Our SEO Consultancy Services Include

As we mentioned before, we begin all our projects with a complete SEO audit to get a clear picture of your business and online performance. However, depending on the final report, we may employ some or all the following services.


Strategy Development

Every business has a certain budget set aside for marketing. Some companies even maintain an SE budget but what should you allocate from that budget? Through strategy development, we define procedures, implementations, and practices for long-term SEO success.


Creating Guidelines

It isn’t enough to just experience a sudden boost in rankings or profits. Sustaining the upward movement matters to us. Therefore, we leave behind implementation guidelines for every strategy. We even train or guide your in-house team, so they are well versed with the guidelines.


Tools and Software

SEO industry is rife with tools and software designed to many things at once. Some are great at multi-tasking while others are specifically designed to do one job great. We can help you adopt the right technologies and tools to ensure you sustain your growth. From improving keyword tracking to analysing results, we provide you the tools necessary to maintain SEO dominance.



Ranking high in search engines today is no longer a question of who has the most backlinks. Search engine algorithms are evolving, and today they look at several design parameters such as mobile optimization, language support, page loading speeds, CDN usage and more. We harness such design principles in our SEO efforts to ensure a better experience not just for your visitors but also search engines.


Competitor Research

As part of our SEO audit, we look at your competition. We are aware of strategies your competitors are currently using to gain the upper hand and throughout our tenure, we continue to track their approach and progress. By keeping an eye on the competition, we can gauge your website’s performance and exploit highly product strategies used by other businesses in your niche.


Link Building and Optimization

Have you purchased links or outsourced the process to anyone in the past? How do you know if your backlinks are helping or hurting you? We do a complete analysis of your backlink profile and help you weed out dangerous links. At the same time, we also build high quality links that are 100% natural and custom made to ensure long term benefits.


Keyword Analysis

No SEO project can ever be successful without proper keyword analysis. While this is the most tedious of all SEO tasks, it is also the heart of SEO. When done right, keyword analysis can reap the rewards for years to come.


Flexible Retainer Basis

For those who lack an in-house SEO team, we can handle your optimization requirements on a retainer basis. We offer per-project, monthly and contractual consultancy services.


Reviewing New Hires

As part of our SEO advisory services, we can handle the hiring process for your in-house SEO team. We know a lot of people in the SEO industry and can leverage our contacts to find you the best team possible.

Our 3 Commitments to You

When you hire us as SEO consultants, we become a part of your organization for the duration of the project. As such we ensure that any activity we conduct is in sync with the aims and objectives of your company.

1. We Offer Flexible Plans

Depending on the project duration, difficulty, and length, you can keep us on retainer, pay per—project or use our services to build an in-house SEO team.

2. We Conduct a Thorough Audit

We never start any project without first auditing the business and its websites. Only after we have finished our audit do we begin strategizing.

3. Only Relevant Practices

Anything we do is with the intention of improving your SEO. We only employ techniques and strategies that will help you maintain top positions.

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