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SEO Audits Clear Up Lot of Things and Help Your Business

An SEO audit is an independent third-party review of your website done primarily to understand where your site stands according to Google guidelines, current SEO best practices, competitors in your niche and visitor satisfaction. Naturally, SEO audits offer deeper insights than just these few areas.

The whole objective of an SEO audit is to highlight changes necessary for a high-quality website that satisfies search engines, visitors, and results in better rankings, lead conversion and sales. We can offer you that kind of analysis by leveraging our experience and years of expertise in the SEO field.

For a second, let’s look at what happens when a website stagnates on the internet. Your design, content, SEO efforts all become outdated and eventually, you lose traction and suffer from low search engine rankings, poorer lead conversion and lack of sales.

“But, this can’t happen to us, we have a dedicated SEO team working hard to keep us relevant and profitable.”

Sorry to burst your bubble but SEO audits are independent of your company’s analysis or inhouse team’s current strategy. The idea of conducting an SEO audit is to get a third party’s impression of your current online position. Consider us as outside consultants who can give an unbiased review of your online strategies and when necessary advice, guide and collaborate with your employees to bring about long-term traction in search engines.

Remember, search engine optimization goes beyond just mere trickery and manipulation of search algorithms. The real trick is to stay relevant and competitive well into the future. Algorithm updates and guideline changes should not matter if you follow a game plan right to the top. We can give you the game plan, broken down into bite sized chunks of data.

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You Are Here Because You Want to Improve Your SEO Efforts!

Why are you here on this page? Probably because you want expert SEO advice? Maybe, you want to know how you can rank higher in Google or what you can do to improve profits from the position you currently rank at. You may simply want an unbiased report on how your website fairs as per the latest webmaster rules and regulations. You may even want an updated report on all your competition, the strategies they employ and how your SEO approach compares to them.

Regardless of the reason why you need SEO audit, we can help you understand your current web marketing efforts by giving you a snapshot and comparing you against all your major competitors to discover pitfalls or possible advantages. Once our audit is complete, you will have a clear picture of the signals, relevance and quality present on your site as opposed to what is absent.

What you will get is a bespoke SEO audit report specifically tailored to your unique niche and your website. A success plan laid out into the future!

*We usually deliver our reports within five working days, subject to the size of your site and specific instructions you may have for us. Contact us first to get a clearer idea of the turnaround time and audit depth.

Your Website Is a Ship That Needs Periodic Maintenance

Starship Enterprise isn’t just Captain Kirk and Commander Spock but a whole slew of expertly trained mechanics, doctors, soldiers, physicists and others working in tandem for the survival of the entire crew and completion of every mission. Your website is no different.

Your website consists of content, page structure, design elements, backlinks, social signals, metadata, visitors, robots, servers, CDNs, images, videos, menus and so much more. These things work together behind the scenes to bring life to your website.

An SEO audit is like docking a Starship for regular survey, maintenance, and repairs. As your site ages, content can become irrelevant, design patterns obsolete, server architecture might hurt SERP rankings or backlinks might get you black listed! Our SEO audit highlights issues in such critical performance areas and other non-critical areas. We provide solutions to each problem and prioritize them with a mention of the business time involved in getting results.

During an SEO audit, we discover primary and minor issues that might be hurting your search engine rankings. Some of the core issues we look but aren’t limited to:

Potential technical issues
Potential code issues
Internal linking and external linking strategy
Design implications on SEO strategies
URL structure across entire domain
Redirect issues if present
On-page SEO factors
Duplicate content flags
Crawl related complications
Keyword optimization
Social media presence and its effect on your rankings
Site content quality and relevancy
Competitor practices and differences
Current analytics data
Mobile optimization
Site architecture
Site speeds
Indexing complications

Any issues present beyond these essential areas of audit usually surface during the site audit itself, and we will add them to our final report along with possible solutions.

There Is Nothing Generic About Our Reports

Reports are never boring if done right. In fact, reports provide new insight into old practices but only if they are not limited by boiler plating and rigidity. We at SMR Digital believe in starting all audits from scratch without any assumptions other than the name of business, website URL and their mission-vision-statement! Naturally, our reports are anything but generic.

You will get a bespoke report that targets your unique venture and is action-ready from day one.

Action Driven Reports

Get precise, actionable intel that can be implemented immediately by your SEO team or by us upon request.

Quick Turnaround Time

For existing websites, we usually deliver our reports in less than five working days with issue-resolution strategies.

Prioritized To-Do List

We prioritize solutions based on several factors giving you a well laid out plan to work on from day one.

No-commitment Necessary

Our SEO audits are independent of any other service we offer, and hence you pay for full rights of the final report.

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