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With a booming population and plenty of local opportunities, Swansea is a prime location to establish any business. But if you actually want to maximize the opportunities, you should allocate some of your budget towards local SEO.

Did you know that Swansea was once a major industrial hub during the 19th century? Things were so simple back then. Word of mouth, newspaper advertisements and the occasional mention on the radio were very efficient in increasing sales though none of that was absolutely necessary for growing business. Unfortunately, to stay competitive and profitable, these methods don’t work anymore. What you need today, is targeted marketing and local SEO is one of the means to do just that.

Nearly 76% of mobile users prefer searching for locations and businesses on their phones. Imagine the kind of profits your business could generate if you could harness just one third of the mobile users. We know the exact methods necessary to push your ranking ahead of others on mobile searches. Being experts in organic rankings, we are aware the difference between local SEO and organic search and can leverage the same to your business’s benefit.

The first thing we do is optimize your website and research keywords. Then we restructure pages, increase citations and add your business to several online directories. All our efforts are aimed at improving visibility and increasing actual footfall. If you are an online shop servicing Swansea, our ecom packages will give you an insight of the buyer mentality and help you position yourself in the right market.

Our approach varies according to each client need and business environment. We do whatever is necessary to increase your online visibility in Swansea and the world.

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