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We’re a digital marketing agency which solely focuses on search engine optimisation. We strive to get results and help your business be the best it can be. It’s as simple as that.

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Newcastle is a well-connected city which has been the centre of attention since the twentieth century, and to this day, it is still the most popular city in the UK. With tourists searching for the city far and wide, it is essential for any business to attain a viable position on Google’s SERPs and with search engine optimisation (SEO), this can happen.

At SMR Digital, our no-strings-attached SEO services are perfect for busy businesses who are either struggling or a little preoccupied. With a digital marketing team at your side, you can concentrate building your Newcastle business while we work behind-the-scenes to optimise your website. It’s as easy as that. But, what do we do differently than others in Newcastle?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services in Newcastle

What’s New About Our Newcastle SEO?

We focus on helping Newcastle businesses get on the right tracks and with our SEO, this can easily be achieved.

Our team of SEO specialists and copywriters all work to help enhance your online presence. Regardless of the industry you work for, the size of your business, whether you’re an entrepreneur, registered charity or freelancer, we work for all people and businesses in Newcastle, and develop SEO strategies which suit you only!

Best of all, there’s no complicated process to undertake. We analyse your websites through our SEO audit and develop an effective search engine optimisation strategy to fill the loopholes of your site. So, what’s the catch?

Dominate the North East with Our SEO

Well, there isn’t one. We use all industry-standard SEO strategies, what’s different, however, is our approach to tackle your website’s optimisation issues.

We take your business’ agenda and targets into consideration and only employ relevant SEO strategies, rather than meddle with elements like graphic design. Instead, you’ll be paying purely for our Newcastle search engine optimisation services, rather than unnecessary upsells. Furthermore, our SEO specialists stay on top of Google’s algorithm updates, so you needn’t worry about any out-dated practices or the cons of inaccurate strategies. Best of all, we keep you updated about the progress of your site via our monthly reports and are on standby to take care of any website worries you may want to address.

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