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History as old as Wales itself, probably older still, Bangor has a population of just 18,000 or so making the city ideal for targeted marketing through online means. Students are a major portion of the city’s population, which is why online marketing has a far greater chance of improving footfall, sales and visitor count.

An immediate advantage of such high concentration of students is easy access. Students tend to be early adopters and in the marketing world, early adopters provide the best profits. If you provide a service or have a product that is unique to the city, we can leverage our experience in social media promotion and online marketing to draw all 10,000 students to your website. In fact, just by attracting and promoting to the student populace of Bangor, you have ready access to 75% of the local population.

Sunderland SEO ServicesOccupations such as florists, mechanics, stylists and store owners don’t really need online marketing but because of the size of Bangor and its limited population, limited marketing on the internet can result in major uptick of profits. And if you are a major company or business operating on a national level, we can cater our marketing to include the entire UK market too while keeping local SEO campaigns limited just to Bangor.

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