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Remove penalties imposed by the latest Google updates using our all-inclusive penalty recovery service designed to recover rankings and lost traffic.

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Are You A Google Penalty Victim

Have you had a significant drop in rankings for your most valued keywords? Are you experiencing a sudden change in organic search traffic? Is all this movement damaging your revenue and leads?

If yes, then you probably are the victim of a google penalty. It can be a manual penalty imposed by Google or an algorithmic devaluation of your backlinks. Every search engine periodically employs penalties and strengthens its algorithms to separate the wheat from the chaff. However, Google is the predominant search engine across the world, and naturally, most are bothered with where they rank on Google.

Getting penalized by Google in the digital world is the same as having a supermarket remove your product from the top most lucrative shelf and putting it aside on the bottom most rack where anyone hardly ever notices it. Penalties do affect not only immediate sales but also future efforts.

How Do You Know You need Google Penalty Removal Service?

If you come across any of the following signs, you most probably have been hit with a google penalty and will need our services to recover.

1.The ranking for many target keywords has dropped severely.
2.There is a significant loss in organic traffic from Google.
3.Unable to identify why you have suddenly lost visitors and rankings.
4.Cannot find your website or pages/products listed anyone on Google.

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Even Major Websites Suffer Penalties

Google penalties can severely harm your online reputation but what you need to understand is that you aren’t alone. Whether you are a small site owner, a large company with several products, penalties can hit anyone at any time. We can help you recover in a relatively short period by employing industry leading practices and approaches that meet current Google algorithm requirements and manual moderation clauses.

Remember, Google slaps even the big websites with penalties, but eventually they all recover and so can you!

Why Is Google Penalty Removal Necessary Today?

The short answer is, Google has changed and continues to change daily. As search marketing evolves and algorithms become more profound thanks to machine learning and data analysis, marketing techniques too must change. Those that worked in the past have now become obsolete, and any website that continues to employ such strategies will eventually encounter a Google penalty.

No longer does Google just rank websites based on links alone. The exact algorithm is never known to anyone in the SEO industry, but with our years of experience and countless hours spent analysing client websites, we have a good idea of what it takes to rank high. The contrary also holds true therefore that we are aware of what techniques or strategies can incur a Google penalty because they are outdated and now considered black hat.

Today, Google requires maintaining a strong social presence, relevancy, sound technical elements, decent user engagement and multi-device compatibility. We analyse all this and much more to understand what is causing your rankings to plummet.

Though Google keeps pumping algorithm updates on a regular basis, it comes out major updates every few months and majority of penalties are doled out during these algorithm super-updates. You can go through thee quality guidelines given by Google to troubleshoot the kind of penalty your website currently has, or you can hire specialists like us to do the dirty work for you.

Other than algorithm updates such as the Panda and Penguin updates, in certain specific cases, penalties are triggered manually by a review team from Google. Under particular circumstances, Google may investigate your website that results in an immediate manual review. Google checks for quality in these shortlisted domains and failing to meet new stringent standards results in manual penalties.

Three Biggest Google Updates That Hurt Even Today


Panda Update

Google Panda algorithm is highly content specific. Before this update, you could literally write subpar content spun using software and unreadable by a human because Google algorithms were weak at understanding sentence, meaning, and ideas. With Panda, Google devalued millions of websites that had poor grammar or sentence construction. More specifically, if your site suffers from any of the following issues, you may have been hit with the Google Panda penalty.

  • Duplicate pages or domains resulting from technical oversight.
  • Auto generated or curated content or pages.
  • Plagiarized content stolen from other sites.
  • Low quality pages not intended for users.


Penguin Update

Penguin is the more recent of Google updates that targets websites using manipulative or low-quality links that are built on the concept of Page Rank. This update is a bit more complicated. If your site has sufficient manipulative links, this algorithm immediately decreases your ranking. A lesser known fact about this update is that if your website is flagged by Penguin, it is scheduled for a Panda algorithm check as well.

Removing links that are affecting your rankings is a tricky and often confusing process. Not only will you have to report links you want to disavow to Google but also find them all to successfully recover from the Penguin issue, which is where we come in.


Manual Moderation

In the most extreme of cases, Google can impose a penalty that has nothing to do with algorithm updates. A website can be selected for manual moderation, failing which results in a manual penalty. Recovering from manual penalties takes time and effort. We can ensure that your reconsideration request is honoured and the manual action is lifted without revision.

Regardless of the kind of penalty, your website suffers from; we can help rectify the situation. Yes, tackling Google penalties is nerve racking and stressful but without experience and expertise, you can recover your ranking in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.

Our 3 Commitments to You

We will work with you to exactly understand what has happened and once we highlight the possible reasons for your website’s sudden drop in traffic or ranking, we will outline a recovery path. With our penalty removal and recovery service, you can be assured of a complete recovery from any Google penalty.

1. Penalty Investigation

Get a complete analysis of your website and current SEO strategy with potential causes for devaluation.

2. Assured Recovery

Get back all your lost ranking and revenue as quickly as possible and a post-recovery report detailing the work done.

3. Future Proofing

We will also help you future proofing your website against future algorithm updates.

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