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Call Centres are busy environments. Our industry know-how is perfect for when you need your inbound data optimised and controlled for efficiency.

Lead Optimisation is our forte. Our client results highlight just how good we do it.

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Improve call centre inefficiencies through lead filtering

Call Centres are busy environments – especially industries that handle large volumes of inbound lead generation. That’s why we offer controlled delivery and lead filtering.

SMR Digital has almost a decade worth of experience in filtering, optimising and delivering leads. We have worked with some of the largest call centres in the UK – helping to optimise the way that leads are delivered to dialling software.

Some of the improvements we’ve made to businesses include:

  • Lead Delivery: Optimising the way in which leads are delivered into the dialler. We work with all of the most popular methods – such as email and API imports.
  • Lead Filtering: We use our clients in-house data and make statistically significant decisions based on big data. We know our clients best performing data, and filter out leads which under perform – thus improving inefficiencies through the whole sales process.
  • Third-Party Outsourcing: We work with clients to identify buyers of data who are better served to dealing with certain kinds of demographics. We are able to identify leads which aren’t profitable, and use our industry connections to find buyers for this data.
  • Internal Lead Delivery: We have experience with some of the UK’s largest dialling software. We know how to optimise lead delivery to internal teams (such as sales teams). We can create custom scripts to divert leads around the business, where we can look to improve return on investment for our clients.

We know that each client has a different set of requirements, and is in control of different sets of data. That’s why we adopt a 100% client focused approach to lead filtering and delivery.

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